New heating system for Flying Angel Club

February 2016;  The committee approved the application of the Flying Angel Club in Schiedam for a heating replacement, a good heating being essential to run a seamens’ club and therefore contributing to the seafarers welfare.

The mission to Seafarers cares for and promotes the spiritual, moral and physical wellbeing of all seafarers and their families worldwide. The Flying Angel Club in Schiedam can be reached at 31-10-426 09 33 and is open from 18.00 until 23.00 every day of the year. It provides a much needed rest ashore, a chance to get away from the ship, contact relatives, play games, have a drink and relax. Having a new heating system in the Flying Angel Club will help the seafarers enjoy the club in comfort and it will help the club survive. With help of the project the old inefficient heater, well over 20 years old, is removed and replaced with a new and more efficient one, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level whilst at a saving of 15 to 20% at the same time.

“The new heater is installed and tested! It has been keeping the building warm with no trouble. So on behalf of all of our seafarers we would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee for insuring a future for the Flying Angel Club in Schiedam. Thank you very much for such a wonderful gift that will be keeping seafarers warm for decades.”

Aad van Elswijk next to old heater

Aad van Elswijk next to old heater

New heater with lots of floor space

New heater with lots of floor space












Bicycles for Seamen’s Club in Brielle

November 2015; The Danish Government’s Seamens Service opened a seamen’s club in Brielle on March 4th 2015. The club is open for all seafarers on Danish flag vessels. A minibus enables the club to bring seafarers to and from the club. “The purchase of 3 bicycles from the R’dam Port Welfare Committee to use in Brielle, is fantastic as it adds a leisure option for the seafarers; they can easily bike around and use their free time even better.” A seafarer from a non-Danish flag who by chance is in Brielle and asks for permission to borrow one of the bikes, will be encouraged to use it.

Bicycles zeemansclub Brielle



Christmas activity 2015

October 2015. Since many years, the Committee Christmas at Sea distributes,
before and around Christmas, a large number of parcels with presents among crews of all nationalities on ships of Dutch shipping companies. Volunteers are busy for months to sort out the appropriate gifts and to wrap them in a festive packing. A large number of organizations help out in the distribution of the parcels, such as CASCO. In this way, also crews of seagoing vessels that are detained are not forgotten. With the Christmas gifts, the Committee Christmas at Sea will give a little extra attention to crews at sea, especially in the Christmas period. The Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee has given a financial contribution in 2015 for all the work and the purchase of presents.

20151012_1444344   Gerard         20151012_1444400



A3 Copy machine for Noorse Zeemanskerk Rotterdam

August 2015. Norwegian Seaman’s Church visit Norwegian crewmembers and other nations on board, every day, as they have done since 1876. Local news and contact with the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in all world ports is a long standing tradition. With fewer Norwegians on board and with more international crews, local news and personal contact from home is highly valued. The financial support for purchasing an A3 copy machine, helps the church to keep up the service on fresh local newspapers to Norwegian, Scandinavian, Philipine and other sailors on board.


New lighting system at the Flying Angel Club

July 2015. This lighting project brightened up the Flying Angel Club at the Admiraal Trompstraat in Schiedam. The project removed the old globe lights and replaced them with LED lights. The previous lighting system was well over 20 years old and had a great number of functional problems. The new system gives the seafarers a better lighting and a brighter atmosphere.  It helps the seafarers enjoy the club much more and make their journey away from the ship more pleasant. “We are happy that our club is bright and cheerful again”.

New lightning system Flying Angels Club - Before

New lighting system Flying Angel Club – Before


Before; old lighting system with many bulbs not working and irreplaceable, and rails pulled away from the ceiling, leaving parts of the club in the dark.





New lightning system Flying Angels Club - After I

Brighter lights at the Flying Angel Club – After









After; the new LED lights, securely fastened to the beams of the ceiling, lasting up to 10 years, giving more and much brighter light. The gold interior of the light reflectors gives the hall a pleasantly warm feel.



New lightning system Flying Angels Club - After II

Better and warmer light at the Flying Angel Club – After