Application and realisation

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Project submissions should be addressed to:

Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee
Attn. I. Römers
PO Box 6622
3002 AP Rotterdam – The Netherlands

Project proposals requirements

Proposals must contain the information specified in the ‘Project Proposals Submission’ form. While this form does not need to be strictly adhered to, the proposal must contain all the information requested in the form. This includes:

  • Project start date, duration and end date;
  • Project description and an objective, from which it can be deduced that the project meets our criteria;
  • Target group and indication of the number of persons who will benefit from the donation;
  • Description from which it is evident that the project in fact provides for a need on the part of seafarers.
  • Project proposals preferably should consist of no more than 2 -3 A4 pages

Administrative obligations and reporting

Approved projects must comply with a number of administrative rules. In addition, a report must be submitted midway through implementation and at the end of the project. The report must include a financial portion and an account of the objectives achieved.


  • A claim must be submitted for the expenses to be reimbursed, including the associated invoices (the following sample claim can be used for this purpose).
  • For the expenses incurred for volunteers, a weekly or daily signed volunteer letter must be submitted (sample Volunteer Letter).
  • A detailed proposal must be submitted for works contracted out to third parties.

Achieved objectives

We expect a clear, written explanation of the objectives achieved. This must of course be supported with proper proof that can be verified.

Payment of allocated budget

Payment will be effected halfway through the project for the costs incurred up to that point in time. Final settlement will take place at the end of the project. An advance may be paid on request, accompanied by a supporting justification. If halfway through the project another advance is required, then the financial administration for the previous portion must be in good order.